• You love your sex toys.

    They bring you (and the ones you love) lots of happiness.

    You're always careful with them. You wash them before you use them, you wash them after so they're squeaky clean for next time, and you probably have a special drawer, box, trunk for them to live in.

    Unfortunately, even after all that work, sometimes lint, dust, bacteria and other nasties can make their way back to the surface of your toys. 
    Lucky for you, the Safe Sex Toy Storage Bag exists. This unique storage solution is made of a proprietary bacteria-busting fabric that not only keeps your toys clean and body safe, but it also repels lint. 
    After washing with a good toy care fluid, simply pop your vibe/dildo/plug/clamps into the bag, pull the drawstring, and store as usual.

    The small bag measures 5.5 inches by 5.75 inches.

    Safe Sex Toy Storage Bag (Small)